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Ms. Sun Yanling

Ms. Sun Yanling, graduated from Central University for Nationalities with a master's degree in ethnology, is a lecturer in the department of international education of Beijing Information Technology College. Since 2012, she has been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, devoted herself to the study of Chinese teaching methods as a foreign language, and accumulated rich teaching experience. She has taught many Chinese learners of different ages and cultural backgrounds, and accumulated rich experience in oral teaching, listening and speaking, HSK test preparation and comprehensive teaching at all levels of Chinese. In the teaching process, she focuses on the practicability of teaching content, is good at creating real life and work situations for teaching, immerses students in Chinese environment, emphasizes the gradual learning, and pays attention to the interest and effectiveness of timely review and tests as well as practice. She makes full use of the latest technology of information design means to provide students with the most personalized and interesting learning experience. These teaching methods help the students improve their Chinese level more efficiently, which is well received by the students.

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