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School of Education and Health
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Specialty: Health Information Management (Health Management)

Main Courses: Basic Medical Knowledge, Clinical Medicine Summary, Basic Knowledge of Common Medicine, Introduction to Health Management, Common Chronic Disease Management, Nutrition and Health Care, Exercise, Psychology and Health Care, Chinese Medicine Health Care, Health Information Statistics and Analysis, Health Management Information System Application, Database Application, Enterprise LAN Planning and Implementation, Network Management and Network Security, Medical Statistics, Data Analysis, Medical Information Retrieval, International Disease Classification, Medical Record Informatics.

Training Objectives: Oriented to the capital medical and health institutions as well as enterprises and institutions related to health management, it aims to cultivate high-quality information technology application talents, who will have medical knowledge such as clinical medicine summary, hospital management, etc. They will also have health management service skills such as health information collection, health risk assessment and intervention, and they will also have health information system maintenance and management capabilities and medical data processing and analysis capabilities.

Career Prospect: In health care institutions, health management related enterprises and units, engaging in health information system implementation, medical information management, health management, medical record management, physician assistants, medical secrets, medical information coordination, medical data management and analysis, etc., mainly auxiliary services and management of information technology in the health industry.

Specialty: Practical English (International Business)

Main Courses: Comprehensive English, Basic Speaking, Basic Listening, Foreign Affairs Reception Speaking, Business English Certificate Courses, Intercultural Communication, Foreign Trade Practice, Negotiation Speaking, Business Correspondence, Preschool Child Development Psychology, Kindergarten Education Planning and Guidance, Early Childhood Art Training, Kindergarten Activity Design and Guidance, Modern Education Technology, etc.

Training Objectives: Taking Capability and Quality are Both First Class as the schools philosophy, it aims to cultivate talents with good English language skills and proficiency in international business knowledge and import and export trade business procedures, and to train high-quality, multifunctional business talents and management talents who are competent for dealing with foreign-related business enterprises and doing foreign-related business operations.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this specialty can engage in business management and project planning of foreign-related enterprises, operation and management of import and export business of foreign trade enterprises, translation work in business companies, international tourism and study tours, reception and copywriting management, and daily management of English language training and teaching institutions, etc.

Specialty: Practical English (Preschool Education)

Training Objectives: This direction highlights Professional + Bilingual Teaching + Informational, which aims to cultivate 21st century bilingual preschool education talents with modern, international vision and excellent educational ability. Graduates have the basic qualities of Ideal, Ethical, and Cultural, love education, have good professional ethics, strong nursery ability, activity design and organizational skills, and are qualified to teach in kindergartens and preschool institutions.

Career Prospect: Kindergarten bilingual teachers; bilingual teachers in preschool institutions; bilingual teachers in early education training institutions; preschool education resource developers; kindergarten, training institution administrators, etc.

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